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Clean Planet Technologies (CPT) develops new technologies to expedite the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions.

CPT's efforts involve both creating proprietary IP and also pushing the limits of existing processes and technologies in the areas of energy, sustainability, and circularity.

Clean Planet Energy use these technologies to build infrastructure, such as the Clean Planet ecoPlants.

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SAFe Hydroprocessing Technology

This patented process addresses the problems resulting from the use of unprocessed pyrolysis-oil (derived from waste plastics) within internal combustion engines and refineries, including:

  • a high content of compounds containing oxygen (creating instability and variability within the raw-oil), 

  • a high amount of unsaturated compounds (these are compounds that are very reactive and can lead to the build-up of gums when stored for a long time), 

  • large amounts of nitrogen, sulphur, halogens and metals (therefore potentially emitting toxic gases when burned and potentially not complying with regulations as a standard fuel).

The technology aims at maximising oil-output, GHG reductions and economic revenue by targeting the production of ultra-low sulfur fuels and circular petrochemical feedstocks, ultra-low sulfur jet fuel or ultra-clean marine regulatory  standards. 

This technology is used inside the Clean Planet ecoPlants, advanced recycling facilities built by our Energy group company.  

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Proprietary Clean Planet technology for the dewaxing and transport properties improvement of waste plastic pyrolysis oil.



Proprietary Clean Planet technology for the dechlorination of waste plastic pyrolysis oil.



Process and technology for the purification  of hydrocarbon oils obtained from waste platic pyrolysis.



Process and technology for the revalorisation of waste plastic pyrolysis char for the production of commercial grade Carbon Black and valuable metal oxides.



Improvement in existing Clean Planet upgrading technology for the co-processing of blends of waste plastic and bio-feedstock.



Novel processes for the production of circular Hydrogen from waste plastics



Direct conversion of waste plastic feedstock to circular polymers building block (monomers)



Process and technology for the production of Sustainable Aviation Jet Fuel from waste plastic pyrolysis

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