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Packages and Systems

Process Packages and Systems

Process packages and systems designed to provide technological solutions to key bottlenecks and areas of strategic interest to waste-to-energy industries for the advancement and deployment of chemical recycling to green fuels and energy.

CP Series Containerized Pyrolysis Systems

Clean Planet Technologies is proud to introduce the CP Series Containerized Pyrolysis System (CPS^2). A mobile pyrolysis unit offering a trailblazing solution in the fight against plastic pollution. This mobile and containerized technology is designed to empower local communities by transforming up to 2,000 KG of non-recyclable waste plastic daily into cleaner fuels. 


These fuels can be utilized by local factories, marine engines, heavy machinery, or vehicles such as agricultural and construction machineries, offering an impressive reduction in CO2* emissions by up to 75%, along with significantly lower SOx and NOx emissions, the notorious culprits behind air pollution.


Up to 2,000kg of plastic/day


Up to 1,500 litres of oil/day


Up to 75% less CO2e emissions



Self Powered


Built to local regulations


Currently at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5, our CPS^2 represents a significant advancement with proven functionality in a relevant environment. We aim to establish a pilot project that embodies our vision for scalability and full adjustability following local regulations within the next 12-18 months. 

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