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Fuel Production

Sustainable Fuel Production

Sustainable Fuel Production Technologies

New technologies to produce alternative clean energy and circular fuels from waste, and for creating sustainable petrochemical feedstocks with minimized environmental impact.


Conversion of waste plastics to Sustainable Aviation Fuels

  • This technology converts mixed waste plastics to Sustainable Aviation Jet Fuel (SAF/SAJF), reducing C02 emissions by a minimum of 70% compared to fossil equivalents.

  • The produced Jet Fuel can be used as a direct drop-in fuel “fully miscible with conventional jet fuels and is fully compatible with existing aircraft and fuel infrastructure,” including equipment, pipelines, and tanks.

  • The process technology pathway fits within the ASTM D7566 existing definitions using ultra-low-cost, zero-value waste plastic feedstock, and blends of organic wastes if required.


Conversion of waste plastics to Hydrogen

  • This technology converts waste plastic into clean hydrogen with zero CO2 emissions.

  • The Hydrogen produced, which stands out as a clean and attractive fuel source due to its ability to yield substantial energy per unit weight while generating water as its sole byproduct, can be used to power hydrogen vehicles, generate net-zero electricity, and produce green ammonia.


Conversion of bio and polymer wastes to clean circular fuels

  • This technology enables the production of sustainable circular renewable fuels using the co-processing of plastics and bio-derived organic wastes.

  • Utilizes a wider range of organic, food, and agricultural wastes.

  • Leveraging CPE's commercially proven thermocatalytic pyrolysis and patented synthetic circular oil upgrading processes.


Conversion of waste plastics to Circular Ethylene/ Propylene Monomers 

  • This technology converts waste plastics into monomers for virgin circular plastics and reduces reliance on fossil-based plastics.

  • Contributes to the development of a circular economy.

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Technologies in R&D


P/B2SAF Technology

Conversion of Bio and Plastic Wastes to Sustainable Aviation Fuel



High-Efficiency SAFe Technology (plastics waste to ultra-clean circular fuels and petchem feedstocks)



Pyrolysis Char Processing Package


P2Solvents Technology

Conversion of Bio and Plastic Wastes to Solvents



Pyrolysis technology for processing of PVC and PET wastes



Pyrolysis Oil Purification Process Package

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