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SAFe Hydroprocess


SAFe Hydroprocessing Technology

Our pioneering patented process treats problematic unprocessed pyrolysis oil, upgrading it to ultra-clean ultra-low sulfur high-quality grade circular fuels with low carbon footprints, allowing for its direct use as a substitute to fossil-based fuels for the transport and petrochemical industries.

Plastic Waste

Upgrading Pyrolysis Oil from mixed plastic waste


Plastic Pollution Crisis and the Call for Innovation:

  • According to data from the Ocean Conservatory, eleven million metric tons of plastics enter our oceans each year, in addition to the estimated 200 million metric tons that already flow through our marine environments

  • There's an urgent need for innovative solutions to tackle this mounting environmental challenge and traditional recycling methods often fall short, unable to efficiently process all types of plastics.

  • Chemical recycling emerges as a promising avenue, offering a viable means to convert plastic waste into valuable resources.

  • At the forefront of this technology is pyrolysis, a process that breaks down organic materials at high temperatures in an oxygen-free environment.

  • Unlike conventional methods, pyrolysis generates minimal CO2 emissions, making it a greener alternative.

Need for upgrading...

Raw or unprocessed pyrolysis oil can hold several challenges, including:


  • a high content of compounds containing oxygen (creating instability and variability within the raw oil)

  • a high amount of unsaturated compounds (these are compounds that are very reactive and can lead to the build-up of gums when stored for a long time)

  • They can also lead to a high degree of exotherm due to the high heat of olefin saturation leading to extreme temperature rises with huge safety concerns

  • a large amount of nitrogen, sulfur, halogens, and metals (emitting toxic gases when burned and potentially not complying with regulations as a standard fuel)

  • a high wax content contributing to poor transport properties, poor handling, and difficulties in storing

  • lower market value compared to refined products

SAFe Hydroprocessing Technology

Plastic Waste

Non-recyclable waste- plastic




Within the SAFe Hydroprocessing system, the raw/unfinished oil is processed into upgraded, ultra-clean finished circular fuels and oils.

Improves Chemical Properties,

Removes : Metals, Oxygenates Sulphates, and Contaminates.



Final Oil_edited.jpg

Ultra clean circular fuels and feedstock

Process Overview: 

The SAFe Hydroprocessing Technology transforms pyrolysis oil into ultra-low-sulfur, clean fuels. 

Optional Packages


Distillation package


Hydrogen generation package


Catalyst & Utilities supply package


Blending and polishing package

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