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Pilot Year -

Clean Planet Peninsula

Pilot Year (2023)

The Clean Planet Peninsula project is a multi-year initiative to provide early career scientists with scientific research expeditions in the polar regions between 2024 - 2026.

In 2023, successful applicants undertook in a pilot year to prepare themselves for the future Arctic and Antarctic conditions and support in the project preparation. 

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Clean Planet Foundation
Antony Jinman (Expedition Leader)
UK Polar Network

The Clean Planet Peninsula project is created and supported by the Clean Planet Foundation- it is organised and run in collaboration with explorer Antony Jinman and the UK Polar Network, between 2023 - 2026.

You can learn more about the entire multi-year project and its impact right here, or see it featured by the BBC.

This page is specifically focused on the 2023 Pilot Year of the project.

Before sending the successful early-career polar scientist applicants to the Arctic and Antarctic for research expeditions, it's crucial to train them in both the theoretical and practical aspects of surviving and functioning in the polar regions. Many scientists may understand the research they need to gather, but not fully appreciate the unique skills required in the harsh environments found at the poles to bring back the data successfully. 

The Pilot Year of the Clean Planet Peninsula project was focussed on selecting the polar scientists and then providing practical and theory-based training.

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