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Clean Planet Peninsula


Clean Planet Peninsula

From Ice cap to Impact


The Clean Planet Foundation launched the Clean Planet Peninsula project in collaboration with polar adventurer, Antony Jinman Ed.D, and the UK Polar Network.

This multi-year initiative provides early-career scientists with practical fieldwork expeditions, enabling research studies to be undertaken in the polar regions- particularly linked to plastic pollution and the impact of climate change.

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Clean Planet Foundation
Antony Jinman, Explorer


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The Project


Between 2023 - 2026, participants of the Clean Planet Peninsula project will gain hands-on experience through polar training courses, remote fieldwork camps and expeditions in the UK, Scandinavia, Arctic, and the Antarctic Peninsula.


They'll have the opportunity to conduct their own vital research on climate change impacts, plastic pollution, and other environmental challenges, contributing to global conservation efforts and scientific understanding while developing essential fieldwork skills.

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Rapidly melting ice caps caused by increasing global temperatures have resulted in rising sea levels, threatening coastal communities worldwide.


Microplastics have also been discovered in polar ice samples, indicating the far-reaching consequences of human-generated pollution.


The Clean Planet Peninsula project aims to provide participants with hands-on experience studying these environmental challenges, enabling them to contribute valuable data to the scientific community and inform global conservation efforts. You can already see the impact of the 2023 UK training right here.

Training & Expedition Schedule

Launched with a pilot in 2023, our efforts have already yielded remarkable results: educating 20 UK-based scientists and attracting major media outlets such as the BBC and the Observer to follow the project.

In 2024, we commence our 3-year mission to enable more early career scientists to undertake the necessary field skills to conduct their vital research in the Polar regions. The project combines intense classroom and field skills training in the UK and Scandinavia, followed by expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic Peninsula with resources and support provided by the Clean Planet Foundation, Antony Jinman, the UK Polar Network, and other partners and sponsors.


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"[The Clean Planet Peninsula Project] is delivered as part of an overall survival skills course on Dartmoor, Devon.


It is the first step in a four-year programme aiming to take participants from across the UK, on polar expeditions.

This cohort is largely women, with participants hoping to redress the historic gender imbalance."

Harriet Bradshaw, Science & Climate Journalist, BBC

Reporting on-site from the Clean Planet Peninsula Project 


BBC Climate & Science reporter Harriet Bradshaw joined the Clean Planet Peninsula team on Dartmoor (UK) in August 2023 for the Pilot Year.

Her written, and audio and video report was front-page across the BBC network- including BBC Breakfast, BBC News, BBC One, BBC Online, BBC SocialBBC Radio and BBC Spotlight. The report focussed on the importance of the project on environmental issues, with a specific focus on project coordinator, Ellie Honan's, course on female health in the polar regions.

Clean Planet Peninsula - Foundation - BBC - INterview - Ellie Honan

Project Team

Sponsors & Partners

Clean Planet Foundation

Lead Sponsor  

The Clean Planet Foundation (CPF) educates and takes action for the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions. A not-for-profit organisation. 

We believe that everyone deserves better, and provide community funding, sponsorship, investments and initiate flagship projects to mitigate the impact of the plastic and climate crises across the UK and beyond.

The Clean Planet Foundation is part of the Clean Planet Group which also builds technologies and infrastructure to remove hard-to-recycle plastic waste from the environment, and convert it into circular products. 

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Clean Planet Foundation


Course Content Contributor

The UK Polar Network organises skill development workshops and education and outreach opportunities for early career polar research scientists.


They are committed to making the polar sciences a welcoming and inclusive place for all. They have over 400 members and form the UK National Committee of APECS International, which has over 5500 members in 55 different countries.

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Education Through Expeditions

Expedition Leaders

Education Through Expeditions is a Community Interest Company set up to deliver school workshops on the Polar Environment.


We have currently delivered over 450 Polar Fun Days to schools across the country and continue to inspire pupils about this beautiful part of the world whilst promoting issues of climate change and indigenous peoples. All of our ambassadors have been on expeditions lead by polar explorer Antony Jinman.

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Join Us

The Clean Planet Peninsula project continues to seek early career scientists who have projects or scientific research that involve the study of microplastics or climate impact in the polar regions, and would benefit from participating in the various planned trips in 2024 and beyond.


Interested researchers are encouraged to apply as this unique opportunity offers unparalleled access to the Arctic and Antarctic regions for conducting their vital research, in addition to group project research.

In addition we are always happy to hear from others who feel they could support, contribute or sponsor to the project.


Please feel free to Get Involved.


The Clean Planet Group believes in clean air, clean oceans, a clean planet. Since 2018 we've been tackling the plastic waste & climate crises. Clean Planet are the founders and lead sponsor of the Peninsula project.

Through our group companies we develop new technologies,  build infrastructureeducate and take action to enable the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions across our planet.

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