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The Clean Planet Foundation Announces “The Tree Seed Collection” as its Third Flagship Project, to grow half a million trees.

The Clean Planet Foundation (CPF) is proud to elevate its commitment to environmental conservation by announcing The Tree Seed Collection as its third flagship project. This three-year initiative marks a significant extension of CPF’s ongoing collaboration with Scottish rewilding charity, Trees for Life becoming one of the key business supporters of the project. This Earth Day announcement underscores CPF's dedication to combating the climate crisis. 

Following a successful partnership with Trees for Life in recent years, the Clean Planet Foundation is now enhancing its involvement by supporting a project crucial for preserving the genetic diversity and resilience of Scotland's native forests.

The Tree Seed Collection Project, a collaborative endeavour with Trees for Life and the Woodland Trust Scotland (thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery and other supporters), focuses on the critical task of collecting and verifying seeds for at least 1,000,000 trees, with the aim to donate enough seeds to grow at least 500,000 trees across nurseries in Scotland.

Bertie Stephens, CEO of the Clean Planet Foundation, shared his vision about the partnership:

“Expanding our partnership with Trees for Life aligns perfectly with our mission of fostering clean air, clean oceans, and a clean planet. The Tree Seed Collection is not just a project; it's a manifestation of our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. Together with Trees for Life and the Woodland Trust, we will make a tangible impact on Scotland’s natural heritage, taking a stand for the planet.”

To date, the project has already completed 79 collections, resulting in a total weight of 260.613kg in raw seed, marking a significant milestone towards an ambitious goal.

Catherine Faulkner, Corporate Partnerships Manger atTrees for Life, highlighted the importance of this collaboration:

“We are delighted that the Clean Planet Foundation have chosen to support the Tree Seed Collection project. Corporate supporters are vital to furthering rewilding across the Scottish Highlands, and the partnership commitment from the Clean Planet Foundation will further our vital mission. This generous support will help us, along with the Woodland Trust, to create a robust and plentiful seed source for the future”

The partnership not only aims to restore lost areas of native woodland but also to engage local communities in the rewilding effort, fostering a deeper connection and sense of responsibility towards the natural environment. More than 75 volunteers have already contributed to the success of this project.

As we celebrate Earth Day, CPF and Trees for Life are proud to share this journey towards a greener, more resilient environment. Stay tuned over the next three years for updates on our progress, volunteer stories, and the tangible impact of our combined efforts in revitalizing Scotland’s wild forests.

For more information on how to support this project or get involved, please visit the Clean Planet Foundation’s website and Trees For Life.

A fly through the trees at Trees For Life's Dundregon Estate, shot by the Clean Planet Foundation

About Clean Planet Foundation

The Clean Planet Foundation is at the forefront of efforts to mitigate the climate crisis and plastic waste mismanagement. Through education, awareness, and direct action, CPF is dedicated to promoting clean air, clean oceans, and a clean planet, supporting projects that foster a sustainable and healthy world for future generations.


About Trees for Life

Trees for Life stands at the forefront of rewilding in the Scottish Highlands. Hopeful and bold, they are committed to creating nature-rich landscapes that benefit people and wildlife. By collaborating, they create spaces where wildlife and people coexist and flourish. From the iconic red squirrel to the elusive lynx, they work to bring back more life to our landscapes. Rewilding is a shared journey, join Trees for Life on the journey of hope and rewild the Scottish Highlands.


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