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Tree Seed Collection

Tree Seed Collection Project

Collecting and verifying seeds for at least one million trees

The Tree Seed Collection Project, focuses on the critical task of collecting and verifying seeds for at least 1,000,000 trees, with the aim to donate enough seeds to grow at least 500,000 trees across nurseries in Scotland.

A collaborative endeavour with Woodland Trust Scotland and Trees for Life, the Clean Planet Foundation are the largest private backer of the project.

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Planting trees is critical in supporting the expansion of Scotland’s Caledonian forest in areas where natural regeneration is not possible. For planted trees to have the best chance of survival, it's imperative to grow them from locally-collected seed. This maintains the species’ area-specific genetics, which bolsters resilience against disease and climate change.

Scotland has a shortage of native trees grown with traceable local provenance, particularly from the west coast – home to Scotland’s temperate rainforest. 


Project Aims

This 3-year project aims to enhance the availability of native trees from western Scotland by organising volunteers and montane specialists to collect seeds from the specific geographical areas, predominantly in Scotland’s rainforest, where planting is planned. Local tree nurseries will receive assistance in growing trees from these seeds. The resulting trees will be supplied to Woodland Trust Scotland and Trees for Life for planting.


Expand geographical areas of seed collection in the west of Scotland


Focus on rare and montane tree species


Collect and verify seed for at least 1,000,000 trees over a 3-year period


Donate enough seed to grow at least 500,000 trees to nurseries across Scotland


The Clean Planet Foundation is the largest private backer of the project, Additionally, there are several other sponsors and supporters which enable this project to happen.

Woodland Trust Scotland
People's Postcode Lottery
Ella's Kitchen
BrITE Foundation


The Tree Seed Collection Project is a collaborative three-year project to enhance the availability of native trees. The project is working with over 100 volunteers to fulfil its aims. 

Starting from Q2 2024, this page will provide updates on the challenges, success and general progress - in a bid to collect and verify seeds for at least one million trees. 


Update Diary...

April 2024


Announcing our 3rd flagship project to the world! To date, the project has already completed 79 collections, resulting in a total weight of 260.613kg in raw seed, marking a significant milestone towards an ambitious goal. Detailed project updates will follow here from July 2024.

May 2024


We are incredibly excited to announce that a documentary, directed & produced by the Clean Planet Foundation, which both depicts the work of Trees for Life and outlines the importance of this seed project,  has made it to the FINAL of the Cannes World Film Festival - results later this month! Watch this space! 

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