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Turning the Plastic Tide


Turning the
Plastic Tide (2023) 

Ongoing Partnership

In 2023 the Clean Planet Foundation partnered with Turning the Plastic Tide to remove marine litter from the coast in Aberdeenshire and educate a younger audience. 

The majority of waste being plastic, including fishing nets, bottles but also many other different sources of litter.  

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The Coast between Fraserburgh and East Haven in Angus is simply stunning. However, it is suffering from Marine Litter, the majority of it being of plastic, including fishing nets, bottles but also many other different sources of litter.   

East Grampian Coastal Partnership, known as the Turning the Plastic Tide, is a non-profit organisation, educating volunteers and organising beach cleanups while collecting valuable data to study the influence of tides and currents in litter deposition and removal. With the Clean Planet Foundation's vision for Clean Oceans, Clean Air and Clean Environment, the two not-for-profit organisations came together to support their common vision.   

By creating a network of trained and well-equipped volunteers, this project will continue to have a major impact on the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire coastline into the future. This project will include a large number of volunteers and organisations, including The Marine Conservation Society, KIMO, Marine Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council, Port Authorities, Fishing Bodies, Conservation Groups, businesses, Community Councils and schools. 

Turning The Plastic Tide - 2023 Partnership

Turning The Plastic Tide - 2023 Partnership

Completed Projects in 2023

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All plastic waste was collected and disposed responsibly by the Aberdeenshire Council. 

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A notable example of our commitment to sustainability emerged from the Craigewan cleanup. Some of the netting gathered has  been recycled by The Cheapest Rope Company/Dekmar Ltd into fence posts!


The Clean Planet Foundation’s mission is to educate and take action for the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions.

A not-for-profit organisation. 

In 2023 our partnership educated 200 young people about the environmental impact of plastic waste and the benefits of using available alternative solutions for managing plastic waste. CPF supported the removal of 2.5 tonnes of plastic waste from 4 events in Buchanhaven Beach, Newburgh, Balmedie and Craigewan Aberdeenshire.  


The project includes lectures from Dr Lauren Smith from TTPT, focussing on the different types of plastic waste, the advantages and disadvantages of plastic and the negative impact of plastic waste on our environment.  

A group of children learning about plastic waste on beaches (Clean Planet Foundation)


The project has so far removed 2.5 tonnes of plastic and non-organic waste from the local environment. The waste was removed to be properly disposed of with the valuable help of the Aberdeenshire Council. 



The Project educated all participants on the correct use of PPE, collection methods, and transport of waste

A group of children showing their PPE equipment for cleaning plastic off beaches (Clean Planet Foundation)


The project brought together 200+ children and adults to work towards a brighter and cleaner community collectively. 

A group of children cleaning (Clean Planet Foundation)


As part of the beach clean-ups, TTPT also collects GPS data to study the influence of tides and currents in litter deposition and removal. Understanding the movement of litter can be used as a surrogate to aid the studies of sediment and current movement. Monitoring the types of litter and their distribution along the coast enables us to understand where the litter comes from and why it ends up where it does. 



The Clean Planet Foundation has already agreed to support future events engaging more schools and extending participation to the wider local community. 

A group of children searching for waste plastics on beaches (Clean Planet Foundation)
Dr. Lauren Smith, Testimony, turning the plastic Tide
It's a really valuable ongoing partnership we have with Clean Planet Foundation and we're delighted to have them sponsoring our efforts

Dr. Lauren Smith, Turning the Plastic Tide, Project Manager

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