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Playbox Wildflower Garden

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Playbox Theatre -  Wildflower Garden 

July 2023

The Clean Planet Foundation partnered with the Playbox Theatre to transform some scrap-land into a Wildflower garden! 

In Spring and Summer 2023 a piece of land at The Dream Factory was turned into a meadow of wildflowers and nature for years to come!

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Playbox theatre wanted to create a wildflower garden at their premises 'The Dream Factory'. The garden space was 10m x 18m at its widest/longest points, despite having quite an irregular area.

The new wildflower area provided an additional green space for its members to enjoy, play, and celebrate biodiversity.

The process involved old bio-matter being removed in a non-toxic and sustainable way. To promote the growth of wildflowers in the area, the land was scarified to create a tilth in the soil, and then a suitable wildflower mix was applied with plenty of yellow rattle in the spring, ready for late flowering that year.

Finally, in front of the gate and timber fence, 54 native mixed hedging shrubs in 5ltr pots were planted. These included hornbeam, hawthorn, elder, holly, field maple, and hazel.
Playbox Wildflower Garden - 2023

Playbox Wildflower Garden - 2023

Wildflower Garden with a single red flower  (Clean Planet Foundation)


The Clean Planet Foundation’s mission is to educate and take action for the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions.

A not-for-profit organisation. 

The project supported the rewilding of the land at The Dream Factory which has enabled the wildflowers to provide pollinators and insects with food from leaves, pollen, nectar, shelter, and places to breed.

Bio Diversity 

During the winter, when food is scarce in the countryside, the wildflowers will be beneficial and provided seeds that became a food source for birds.

Wildflower Garden grasses and butterfly  (Clean Planet Foundation)


Playbox Theatre will document the progress of nature returning to this space through photographs and video content and educate its younger members about the importance.

Birdseye view of the completed wildflower garden (Clean Planet Foundation)


The fencing around the garden will stop vehicles from damaging the ground, preserving the area, allowing it to thrive.

Wildflower Garden - Group sitting in the garden


Pollinators have transferred pollen and enabled the wildflowers to develop seeds that, in turn, have produced more flowers and grown nature natrually. 

Decorations hanging in the wildflower garden
In discussion with Clean Planet Foundation we agreed that creating a Wildflower garden by The Dream Factory would be a way to respond to the bio-diversity crises unfolding in our own backyard.

Emily Quash, Artistic Director, Playbox Theatre

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