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Year 1 Review - Clean Planet Foundation

At the start of 2023 the Clean Planet Group set up a not-for-profit 'sister' company - the Clean Planet Foundation.

The Clean Planet Foundation (CPF) has a mission to educate and take action for the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions.

The Clean Planet Foundation believe that everyone deserves better, and provides community funding, sponsorship, investments and initiate projects to mitigate the impact of the plastic and climate crises across the UK and beyond.

CPF focuses on supporting the following groups:
  • Under 18s – The majority of projects focus on under 18s to support the education of the sustainable use of plastics.

  • Early Scientists – Flagship projects can focus on 18+ early-career research scientists who will help progress the understanding of the plastic and climate crises.

  • Communities – Projects are initiated for the benefit of local communities who would otherwise not have access to these opportunities. ​

Our strategy involves dynamic four-year cycles, ensuring our flagship projects align with our mission's reachability. At the end of each cycle, we evaluate, re-focus, and refresh ideas for continued impact.​

Achievement Overview (Year 1)

  • In 2023, the Foundation achieved impactful results, delivering 11 community projects.​

  • Our educational initiatives reached 284 school children, aged 4-17, teaching them about environmental issues related to waste plastic and proper disposal methods. ​

  • Projects spanned primarily the UK but also Uganda, the Czech Republic, and Thailand.​

  • We contributed to the removal of over 3.5 tonnes of plastic waste from UK shores.​

  • Beyond plastics, our projects embraced biodiversity through the HAPSIE beehive, a documentary on the importance of insects, and the Playbox wildflower garden.​

  • Additionally, we proudly sponsored the H2 racing car project, offering valuable lessons on the power of hydrogen and engineering to aspiring young minds.​

Flagship Projects (Year 1)

Clean Planet Peninsula

  • The Foundation launched the Clean Planet Peninsula project in collaboration with polar adventurer, Antony Jinman Ed.D, and the UK Polar Network.​

  • The project aims to provide scientists with practical fieldwork expeditions, enabling research studies to be undertaken in the polar regions- particularly linked to plastic pollution and the impact of climate change.​

  • The 1st course took place in August in Dartmoor UK with 20 participants and was completed successfully and under budget.​

  • The course content combined field skills with classroom content and focused on female hygiene issues.​

  • BBC Climate & Science reporter Harriet Bradshaw joined our team in Dartmoor and her written, audio, and video report was front-page across the BBC network- including BBC Breakfast, BBC News, BBC One, BBC Online, BBC Social, BBC Radio, and BBC Spotlight.​


  • HAPSIE is a comic book series published by the Clean Planet Foundation focused on environmental education and fun. Target age-range is 7-12. 

  • New online comic stories featuring the HAPSIE crew and environmental challenges are released every Tuesday for free featuring 14 different characters. 

  • HAPSIE had previously produced six hardbacks (150+ Pages) and in 2023 HAPSIE launched a monthly paperback series (48-pages), which was on its 8th edition by December 2023. 

  • The launch of the monthly magazine in 2023 enabled HAPSIE to widen its reach, having been sent from London (UK) to Seattle (USA), Rio Grande (BR) to Torino (IT), Christchurch (NZ) to West Java (ID), and Cape Town (SA) to Stockholm (SE).

  • In 2023 HAPSIE has helped educate at events such as the Exmoor Dark Skies Festival, beach cleans in Thailand and school assemblies.

With independent governance and fundraising abilities the Foundation is free to support projects in line with its mission without restriction from the Clean Planet Group's comercial enterprises.

A full impact report will be published in Q1 2024 relating to the first year.


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