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Working towards a Cleaner Tomorrow: Clean Planet Foundation and Turning the Plastic Tide (2023)

The coastal stretch from Fraserburgh to East Haven in Angus (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) is a natural beauty spot, yet the looming threat of marine litter, primarily plastic waste, has compelled two forces, the Clean Planet Foundation and Turning the Plastic Tide—to join hands.

In 2023, the collaborative efforts of undertaking multiple beach cleans has seen over 200 school children be part of invaluable lessons on the environmental impact of plastic waste, and advocating for sustainable alternatives.

The beach cleanups left a notable mark on four locations this year—

Peterhead Academy

Buchanhaven Beach and Ugie River

An impressive 320kg of litter removed from Buchanhaven Beach

Arnage School


Arnage School in Newburgh collected 36kg of microplastics.
Udny School


Udny School in Balmedie, with 60 enthusiastic kids, gathered 16.5kg of litter. 

School & Community Clean


This community cleanup removed over 2 tonnes of plastic waste!

The collective force resulted in the removal of over 2.7 tonnes of waste, a resounding testament to our dedication to cleaner oceans and a healthier planet.

The amount of plastic waste removed from the School & Community Clean Craigewan
The amount of plastic waste removed from the School & Community Clean Craigewan

Each piece of plastic waste removed from the beaches was handled with utmost responsibility, thanks to collaborative efforts with local councils. Responsible disposal and recycling initiatives ensured a minimized environmental footprint.

A notable example of our commitment to sustainability emerged from the Craigewan cleanup. Some of the netting gathered has been recycled by The Cheapest Rope Company/Dekmar Ltd into fence posts! It's not only about removing entanglement risks from the sea but transforming discarded fishing nets into something useful, diverting them from landfills.

The Cheapest Rope Company turned our plastic waste into upcycled fence posts!

Beyond the shoreline, our partnership also involved educational sessions back at the schools, where Dr. Lauren Smith from Turning The plastic Tide aided the Clean Planet Foundation's mission to educate about the consequences of unmanaged plastic waste.

Educational Sessions about Plastic Waste
Educational Sessions about Plastic Waste

The Marine Conservation Society, local councils and schools, have all been involved in the partnership between CPF and TTPT, cleaning the UK coastline in 2023.

Dr. Lauren Smith, TTPT

"It's a really valuable partnership we have with the Clean Planet Foundation, and we're delighted to have them sponsoring our efforts"

- Dr. Lauren Smith, Turning the Plastic Tide.

Looking ahead, the Clean Planet Foundation is committed to continue supporting future events, engaging more schools, and involving the wider community.

Together, we are not merely cleaning beaches; we are sowing the seeds for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable planet.


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