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Clean Planet's HAPSIE Comic in Antarctica

In April 2021 Clean Planet launched HAPSIE, a not-for-profit comic book series for budding eco-warriors. Delivering original stories to amuse, amaze, and educate all readers, HAPSIE entertains from the ages of 7 and up with enjoyable, fun, yet educational comic strips, activities and games.

Today HAPSIE is published and delivered in hardback from London (UK) to Seattle (USA), Rio Grande (BR) to Torino (IT), Christchurch (NZ) to West Java (ID), and Cape Town (SA) to Stockholm (SE). With readers (young and old) having enjoyed the 5 hardbacks over the last 2 years, or as HAPSIE likes to call them, The HAPSIE Hodgepodges.

Today marks the publication date of our 6th Hodgepodge, and a very special one at that.

For the Winter 2023 edition, the HAPSIE crew were invited to join along with an Antarctic Expedition! The Antarctic Quest was to honour the legacy and spirit of Shackleton’s Antarctic expeditions: courage, endeavour, exploration and science. 100 years ago, Ernest Shackleton was an explorer who led three expeditions to the Antarctic. His work with his team led the way in us understanding the poles and the science behind it!

Being guided by Expedition Deputy Leader and Educator, Dr. Antony Jinman (Ed. D), the Winter 2023 HAPSIE includes over 100 pages of comic stories, photos, facts, activities and games all linked to the Antarctic... and then another 100 pages of eco-friendly fun to top it off!

Not only that, but the team even took the HAPSIE flag down to Antarctic with them... we're told it helped keep them warm... maybe!

As Clean Planet aim to launch the Clean Planet Foundation later this year, this special edition of HAPSIE gives a mini-hint as to what's to come!

You can get your copy of the Winter 2023 - HAPSIE Hodgepodge, right here, or enjoy over 200 free stories online.

p.s - Oh an here is our youngest reader, and very own Clean Planet Baby, Matilde, getting stuck into an Ignorant Ike story! Exciting Stuff! Thanks Kate for sharing!


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