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It's 2022 - What's your plan?

Welcome to 2022. Over the last 12 months microplastic particles have been discovered in the placentas of unborn babies, coastal marine life have been recorded trying to survive on plastic trash floating in the Pacific Ocean, and it's now even raining plastic.

It's scary, and for the most part it feels like it's out of our hands. Just 20 companies reportedly makeup the source of more than half of all the single-use plastic items thrown away, what can you do?

It certainly feels like recycling your takeaway pot is a far cry away from addressing the real problem. But it's not. After all, who do you think those 20 companies sell their plastic too? You. Me. All of us.

It takes an army of believers, legions of activists, and quite simply- brute, group force to make real change. But how, and what is your plan to make a difference?

If that's the question on your lips as you watch the world pollute birds to extinction, then as we enter 2022, at least try one of these three options:

Option 1 - For the budding eco warrior...

Originally designed for 7-11 year olds, but really fantastic for all ages, HAPSIE, a printed comic book published by Clean Planet Energy, provides endless enjoyable stories & serious learnings about the climate crisis for any environmentally conscious reader. The HAPSIE website provides hundreds of free stories, or your can subscribe to receive the printed version too.

Option 2 - For those who need a plan...

If you want to make a difference, but don't know what to do, then turn to the Clean Planet Action Plan. It's free (or there's a paid plan with some extra goodies if you really want). The free plan provides you with a short and simple weekly instruction manual - it tells you something: (a) Good, (b) Bad, and (c) Different - that happened in the world that week (with regards to the plastic and/or climate crisis); and then most importantly: it shows you how (D) you can take an action to make a difference. Sometimes it's writing a letter, supporting a cause, changing your habits; but importantly it provides exposure to actions you can take. Sign up to the Action Plan for free today and make a difference in 2022.

Option 3 - Buy a Clean Planet ecoPlant...

Yep, you heard that right. You may think a Clean Planet ecoPlant would cost £$€ millions to build... and you'd be right - so how do you buy one? We'll shortly launching "Buy an ecoPlant" - where you can purchase/sponsor a small part of a Clean Planet ecoPlant, which means you'll actively participating in the reduction of waste-plastics and carbon emissions. Want to know more and participate? Buy an ecoPlant right here.

- Remember, Everyone deserves better!


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