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CPE team join #ClimateProtests in London - adding their voice and support

London traffic is being shutdown in multiple places due to an #ExtinctionRebellion led protest, and the CPE team were there to lend their voice & support:

Its headline news across the country right now, and trending around the globe. It needs to be. The problem of #ClimateChange is real and not going away unless we change our energy-usage dramatically, and fast.

Clean Planet Energy's ecoPlant is part of the answer, but not the only solution needed. The ecoPlant removes unwanted and waste plastic and turns it into ultra-clean fuel. We know it's a united effort to make the changes we need around the world, and every protest starts with the voices of a few, and turns into the shouts of the masses. Then change begins to happen.

It's a bold move shutting down the London streets, and it doesn't pass without criticism:

Annoying. Harmful to the economy. Stupid. Creating More Pollution with added traffic.

These are just some of the comments by the critiques of the protest... but do you know what else is bad?

The rate we're warming the planet is melting the polar ice. Under that ice is billions of litres of methane. Methane is 21x worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. If that gets released, we may never be able to reverse the warming. - Climate Change - The Facts (BBC 1 )

Headline attention is needed, now, and for a long time. Whilst we and others continue to build solutions that can help slow or prevent climate-change getting any worse, we'll continue to add our voice and spread the well-needed education. - Congrats to the organisers for making an incredible impact.

p.s - We'll end with this shot we took of a small child with a passion for chalk and probably the climate too (with permission of the mum of course)... #TescoDoesntSellNewPlanets


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