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Clean Planet Energy headlined the first day at the Davos Energy Week (January 19th 2021)

Update 19th January 2021 - Re-watch the full presentation by the Clean Planet Energy team:

Original Post:

Today Clean Planet Energy are excited to announce they have been invited to headline the first day at the Davos Energy Week, taking place between January 19-21 2021.

Davos Energy Week is a three-day event supporting the world’s biggest political and economic gathering in Davos, whose main goal is to draw the attention of global business leaders to key issues in the energy industry.

Come and join Clean Planet Energy’s presentation at 2:30pm on Monday January 19th 2021 and check our online booth anytime during these days. Join us to find out how CPE extracts as much value as possible from existing resources while eliminating waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring a sustainable circular economy.

Our motto is that “everyone deserves better”!

EXCLUSIVE FOR CLEAN PLANET MEMBERS ONLY: All Clean Planet Collective members (both free and paid) who have joined on or before 5pm January 15th 2021 will be issued VIP tickets to the entire conference. Want yours and more amazing benefits? Join Now


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