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Clean Planet Energy become platinum partners of charity Trees for Life

Clean Planet Energy’s ecoPlants process non-recyclable waste plastics and convert them into ultra-clean fuels. By doing so, for every barrel of Clean Planet fuel used, almost half a tonne of CO2e emissions will be stopped from entering our atmosphere (in comparison to the emissions of fossil fuels). Clean Planet Energy’s fuels are processed to be used in the marine and aviation sector where there are no real zero-carbon alternatives (e.g. electric).

Growing CO2e emissions are the primary cause of the climate crises, and reducing them is the key focus of international agreements, such as the Paris Accord.

In addition to solutions such as Clean Planet’s, various carbon capture technics (both natural and invented) which remove CO2e from the atmosphere, are key to meeting CO2e reduction targets. Therefore it is with great pleasure that we are announcing today that Clean Planet Energy have become top-tier platinum partners of the charity Trees for Life.

Trees for Life is a multi-award winning conservation charity. For over 25 years they have worked with thousands of volunteers to restore the Caledonian Forest (Scotland) and the wildlife that calls it home. Trees for Life have now planted nearly 2 million trees, natures greatest carbon capture tool, as part of their long-term vision to save a habitat of global importance.

"We are delighted that Clean Planet Energy have joined us as Platinum Partners, making a commitment to restoring the Caledonian Forest. Their generous contribution will support the work of Trees for Life in delivering a rich natural landscape, more resilient to the climate emergency, where wildlife can flourish and communities can thrive', said Steve Micklewright (CEO, Trees for Life).

View from Trees for Life, growing seedling and planting new trees
View from Trees for Life, growing seedling and planting new trees

“The Trees for Life Charity match and build upon the key sustainability targets we strive for” begins Dr. Katerina Garyfalou, Clean Planet’s Business Commercial & Business Development Director. “In addition to planting native trees which encourage forest regeneration and generating carbon capture, Trees for Life also assist in the reintroduction of wildlife into wild forests, and inspire people of all ages and abilities to be involved in rewilding.”

“As part of our [Clean Planet's] commitment to widening our sustainability we are today announcing that for every tonne of waste plastic processed by any of our UK ecoPlants, we will assist in the funding of planting a new tree in the UK”.

A single Clean Planet ecoPlant is expected to process over 20,000 tonnes of waste plastics per year, and Clean Planet Energy’s mission is to process 1 million tonnes of plastic on an annual basis.

You can learn more about Trees for Life in this promotion video below:

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