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Clean Planet Energy accepted as member of leading plastics recycling organisation, RECOUP, (UK).

Clean Planet Energy, continuing its loyal journey to provide innovative solutions for the combat of non-recyclable plastic waste, has today announced its acceptance as a member of RECOUP. RECOUP is a not-for-profit member-based charity with over 30 years of experience in plastics recycling and resource management.

As an organisation RECOUP aims to increase plastics recycling and promote resource management through demonstrating and supporting good practices, efficiency, and expertise.

RECOUP is viewed as the independent trustworthy source of plastics recycling in the UK, with a unique ability to link all parts of the value chain. RECOUP is also the official RecyClass auditor for rigid plastic packaging in the UK.

With a high level of corporate and consumer interest in plastics, packaging, resources and recycling, RECOUP leads the way along with other non-profit organisations with regards to the removal of plastic waste.

"RECOUP’s expertise and teamwork approach have made it one of the most respected advisors on plastics recycling. The organisation is now more relevant than ever given the challenge of increasing targets for collection coupled with the urgent need for additional UK processing. RECOUP’s ability to see across the value chain in an independent unbiased way should not be under-estimated as this is crucial if the industry is to understand what is required to move forward collectively. Collaborative working is essential to the future success of plastics recycling and resource management in the UK." - JIM ARMSTRONG, CHAIR, RECOUP

"At Clean Planet Energy we believe that collaboration is required across society to achieve our goals for Clean Oceans and Clean Air, and we look forward to extending this collaboration as part of our RECOUP membership in the UK" - Dr. Katerina Garyfalou, Commercial and Business Development Director, Clean Planet Energy


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