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Clean Our Planet entrants making a difference...

57 weeks ago a Sweedish student (aged 15), armed with a simple sign, protested to her national government - demanding stronger action on climate change.

Today in 2019, Greta Thunberg represents a wave of change, both in public-opinion and in action. On September 21st people around the world participated Greta's weekly strike for action, but this strike was different from the previous 56...

This time it is estimated FOUR million people around the world took part, including a number of entrants into Clean Planet Energy's latest project.

Clean Planet Energy is part of the solution for the both the #plastic and #climate crisis. A single CPE ecoPlant can remove 15,000 tonnes of plastic from the world each annum, replacing it with ultra-clean fuel, reducing the demand for fossil fuels.

In September 2019 we launched the 'Clean Our Planet' competition. We asked young people from across the UK to tell us what they are doing to help clean our planet. The response was incredible, and today we found out that a number of our entrants also took part in the Global Climate Strike (and other related initiatives).

Here's a handful of inspiring CPE entrants:

- Savvy is leading the way!

- Scarlett , Ebony and Lexie out in force!

- Jaden lectures his class as to the importance of a greener world!

On the day before the Global Climate Strike, Jaden (aged 10) was given the opportunity by his teacher Mrs Grinstead. to teach his class for 15 minutes on any subject of his choice. Instead of choosing a pop-culture topic (such as Lego or the Avengers), Jaden chose to speak about our planet and how we need to take care of it. In one swift swoop Jaden had educated his entire class with this brilliant presentation... here are a few slides from it....

- Will spent his Sunday helping Clean Our Planet!

The day after the Global Climate Strike, Will and friends continued their work in helping us all live in a clean planet. Will (aged 12) travelled to Filey with 8 other members of his school. They spent the day on the beach collecting plastic waste. In total they collected 12 kilos of litter between them! Wow!

- A massive thanks to all above for providing the photos and showing us the awesome work the Clean Planet Energy project entrants are doing to clean our planet!

Interested in learning more about how you can help save our planet? Why not checkout our Nature, #LetItThrive campaign below:

or visit


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