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"Behind The Trees" Documentary Wins at Cannes World Film Festival, plus 10 other major awards.

Updated: Jul 4

The Clean Planet Foundation is thrilled to announce that its new documentary, "Behind The Trees," has won at the prestigious Cannes World Film Festival in May 2024, also picking up wins in New York, Rome, India, and beyond. These accolades highlight the film's impact and the importance of the environmental causes it champions. Watch the trailer below.

Part of the Clean Planet Foundation delegation collecting the award in Cannes

The documentary delves into the ambitious rewilding efforts of Trees For Life, a charity dedicated to restoring Scotland's majestic landscapes which Clean Planet has supported for the last 5 years. With over 2 million trees planted in the last 30 years, this film provides an intimate look at the passion, challenges, and triumphs involved in this monumental conservation effort.

A Still from the documentary "Behind The Trees"

Accolades and Recognition

The Cannes World Film Festival is a major international film festival. Among the awards at the festival are films starring some of the world renowned stars & celebrities such as Clint EastWood, Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop and Jennifer Lopez (to name a few).

In addition to its triumph at Cannes, "Behind The Trees" has garnered ten other major awards, including the New York International Film Awards. These accolades underscore the documentary's excellence in filmmaking and its vital message about conservation and rewilding. "Behind The Trees" captivated audiences and juries alike with its stunning visuals and powerful narrative:

"Visually stunning… a breathtaking tribute to the remarkable power of perseverance." - New York International Film Awards

"A remarkable film shedding light on an important cause, highlighting the crucial work of Trees for Life in addressing global challenges." - Cannes World Film Festival

"An extraordinary visual and emotional experience, celebrating the beauty of the wild." - Rome International Movie Awards

Winner Laurels of the Film Festivals won by Behind The Trees

Trailer and Release

The Clean Planet Foundation is at the forefront of efforts to mitigate the climate crisis and combat plastic waste mismanagement. As the largest private backer of Trees For Life's Tree Seed Collection project, run in association with Woodland Trust Scotland, the foundation is supporting the collection and verification of over 1 million native tree seeds. This project is critical for expanding Scotland’s Caledonian forest and ensuring the resilience of native species against disease and climate change.

The documentary will be released publicly in July 2024 [EDIT: Watch the Full Film Here], with all proceeds from its viewing going to support the Tree Seed Collection project. The trailer to the documentary is here:

On the night in Cannes Bertie Stephens, CEO of Clean Planet Foundation, remarked: "Winning at Cannes is an incredible honour. This documentary reflects Clean Planet’s commitment to environmental sustainability and celebrates the extraordinary work of Trees For Life and its thousands of volunteers over the years. It is with thanks to them, all the team and investors at Clean Planet, plus the wonderful work of Sarah-Jane [writer and presenter] that we find ourself in this privileged position. We hope it inspires others to join us in protecting and restoring our natural world."

Behind The Trees was projected on a 50ft screen outside of Cineum Cannes after its scheduled cinema slot and the award presentation.

"Behind The Trees" not only celebrates the success of rewilding but also serves as a call to action. The Clean Planet Foundation invites everyone to join in their efforts to protect and restore our natural world.

You can read more and watch the documentary, right here

About Clean Planet Foundation

The Clean Planet Foundation is at the forefront of efforts to mitigate the climate crisis and plastic waste mismanagement. Through education, awareness, and direct action, CPF is dedicated to promoting clean air, clean oceans, and a clean planet, supporting projects that foster a sustainable and healthy world for future generations.


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