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Uganda Water Project

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Water Project

October 2023

The Clean Planet Foundation partnered with Fathers and Kids Camping to to support in building of a solar-powered water grid.

The aim was to provide clean and safe drinking water to the Wakiso District and also fund the completion of the abandoned construction of the Sentema Quran Primary School.

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A group of 11 families from Fathers and kids camping (est. 2010) partner with an NGO each year to do a project in Africa. This year they did a project to provide clean water in a Uganda Village and finish building a school. Students aged 5-18 and 19 adults travelled to Kimbejja Sentema in Wakiso District, west of Kampala, Uganda in collaboration with the NGO Uganda Water Project, with the support of the Clean Planet Foundation. 

The project built a water microgrid that provided a community of 3,000 people with safe, clean drinking water. From a 65-meter deep solar-panel powered borehole, 1,800 litres of water per hour are now pumped through a high-pressure line to an elevated 10-ton water tank, from which 3 separate, underground lines distribute water to tap stands 650 meters apart in the community.

With this system, less time can be spent on sourcing drinking water from contaminated sources. Clean water will reduce overall sickness, and it all provides children with a greater chance to attend school.

In addition, The Sentema Quran Primary School is located adjacent to the water borehole site. The school has 550 pupils across 4 existing schoolhouses. They were desperate for more space! A fifth schoolhouse providing 120m2 was half constructed but without funding for completion. With the Clean Planet Foundation’s contribution, a local contractor completed the walls, roof, and flooring and installed windows and doors. The group of volunteers worked to complete the interior and exterior plastering and painting of the building.
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The Clean Planet Foundation’s mission is to educate and take action for the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions.

A not-for-profit organisation. 

The project supported the action to educate and establish a source of clean water for the local community emphasizing long-term sustainability. 


The project educated and took action to address an environmental issue, ultimately benefiting the well-being of 550 school children improving the quality of their life while fostering a brighter future for them. 

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Diarrheal disease is the leading cause of death in under-5’s in Uganda. This is preventable,
starting with reliable, safe water access.

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Clean Water

The new water system clean water will reduce overall sickness, and it all provide children with a greater chance to attend school.

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Taking Action

NGO water projects are typically hand pumps without maintenance agreements,
which makes them prone to failure without service, hence this project will guarantee
community supported long-term maintenance of the mechanized model.

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"Uganda is one of the last remaining East African countries for a Fathers & Kids Camping Impact Project, yet it is the poorest of all. 58% of people still don’t have access to a sanitary toilet** and 64% don’t have reliable handwashing stations with soap. The support provided by the Clean Planet Foundation on this project helps address that."

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