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QSI Phuket Beach Clean 2023


QSI Phuket -  Beach Clean

May 2023

The Clean Planet Foundation partnered with the QSI International School of Phuket to remove plastic waste from the local community.

In May 2023 90 students and adults took part in a cleanup effort where 800kg of plastic waste was removed from the environment. 

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QSI International School in Phuket, Thailand, wanted to take action to combat the pollution issues at the country's beautiful beaches due to high levels of tourism and poor trash management systems.

The school wanted to conduct beach cleans to collect plastic waste and other discarded materials. The students and faculty members also wished to raise awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on marine life and the environment through various educational programs and initiatives.

The results of the project achieved these aims, by educating 90 members of the community, removing 800kg of waste, and providing future repeat opportunities to the community to repeat these actions.

QSI Phuket - 2023 Beach Clean

QSI Phuket - 2023 Beach Clean

QSI on Swing


The Clean Planet Foundation’s mission is to educate and take action for the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions.

A not-for-profit organisation. 

The project educated a minimum of 75 young people about the environmental impact of plastic waste and the benefits of using available alternative solutions for managing plastic waste. CPF supported the removal of 800kg of plastic waste from the environment. CPE could use the results to educate those outside of the event.


The project included a lecture from the Clean Planet Foundation, focussing on the advantages and disadvantages of plastic, and importantly the negative impact of plastic waste.

A group of school children from QSI watching a lecture from the Clean Planet Foundation


The project removed 800kg of plastic and non-organic waste from the local environment. The waste was removed to be properly disposed of at the local facilities. 

A group from QSI School loading bags of waste plastic into the back of a truck


The Project educated all participants on the correct use of PPE, collection methods, and transport of waste. 

A group from QSI showing their PPE equipment off


The project brought together 90 children and adults to collectively work towards a brighter and cleaner community. 

A group from QSI standing on a beach with bags of waste plastic they've collected


Part of the waste collected was saved and transported back to the QSI Phuket International school for processing, education and analysis with students in the science lab. 

A group from QSI undertaking science experiments


The Clean Planet Foundation agreed to support future projects in the same community, and received feedback from the school that the activities and education would provide valuable  skills for the community going forward.

A group from QSI carrying waste plastics
Joe Holland, Teacher at QSI International Phuket
Our work with the Clean Planet Foundation enabled us to extend education and social-action to our students, teachers and community members with regards to the damage of plastic waste and the importance of its clean-up.

Joe Holland, Teacher, QSI International Phuket

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