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Hydrogen Racing


Prague British International School

Hydrogen Racing

September 2023

The H2GP PRO competition challenges students to design, engineer, construct and then eventually race 1:10 scale hydrogen-powered cars.

The Clean Planet Foundation sponsored the Prague British International School to enter the Czech finals... But did they make the world final?!

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The H2GP PRO programme from Horizon Educational allows students have the opportunity to construct, design and compete with their own fuel cell electric RC vehicles, using a personalized chassis.

They are free to use any equipment available in their classroom, including 3D printing, CNC lathe, laser cutting, and vacuum forming, to create their unique chassis. The students then incorporate a hydrogen fuel cell into their RC car, resulting in a fuel cell electric vehicle.

To store hydrogen for their vehicles, the students use Hydrosticks and recharge them by using a desktop electrolyzer to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water. Its a fully educational experience! 

The Clean Planet Foundation sponsored the Prague British International School as they competed in the Czech National H2 Gran Prix in 2023, with a hope to reach the world finals in September 2023 ( the video)! 
Hydrogen Grand Prix -  2023

Hydrogen Grand Prix - 2023



The Clean Planet Foundation’s mission is to educate and take action for the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions.

A not-for-profit organisation. 

The project supported the resources, education and participation of a group of students from the Prague British International School as they learned about the importance and use of green energy. In addition the Clean Planet Foundation supported the logistics of the team to the world finals in Las Vegas. 


The students learn the chemistry of molecular structures, elemental compounds and renewable energy technologies while designing and building their own hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles!



The H2GP PRO program is a great opportunity for science experiments as it includes a curriculum that allows teachers to flexibly incorporate it into a class schedule. 

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Green Energy

By using materials students find in their surrounding environment, preferably recyclable, students learn how to implement and use renewable energy as part of a common and sustainable future. 


Technology & Engineering

Students are taught to use an electrolyser to generate their own hydrogen (from water). They must build new chassis for the car, understand fuel-cell technology and electronics. It's a step up for all students in their understanding of technology and engineering. 

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It is amazing to have this opportunity from Clean Planet Foundation to participate in this race. The future is green energy and the students have been so interested. The children have told me they are ‘living the dream’ - and they love the learning experience. 

Vendula Kobzova, Head of Experimental Sciences, PBIS

October 2023 - Update

They did it!

Las Vegas World Finals!

A huge congratulations to the Clean Planet team from the Prague British International School team on their remarkable achievement.


They not only reached the world finals in Las Vegas but also advanced through the World Final Qualifiers to make it to the Grand Final Final! Outstanding effort!

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