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UK Polar Network and Clean Planet Foundation launch Arctic & Antarctic Science Expedition

The Clean Planet Foundation, in partnership with the UK Polar Network, and polar educator & 12th Briton to ski to the geographic North pole and solo to the geographic South pole, Antony Jinman Ed.D, is proud to announce the launch of the Clean Planet Peninsula project. This ambitious initiative aims to not only provide early career polar scientists & researchers (ECRs) with invaluable fieldwork experience but also to raise awareness about the critical environmental challenges faced by the polar regions, particularly the impacts of plastic pollution and climate change.

Clean Planet Foundation, UK Polar Network & Antony Jinman
Clean Planet Foundation, UK Polar Network & Antony Jinman

Recent surveys have revealed that many ECRs feel they lack sufficient knowledge and experience to conduct safe fieldwork expeditions to the polar regions. Furthermore, they face limited opportunities to join established scientific programs on polar research ships or bases. The Clean Planet Peninsula project seeks to address these issues by offering cost-effective training both in the UK and in the polar regions through a series of courses, remote fieldwork camps, and future expeditions.

A key focus of the Clean Planet Peninsula project is to emphasise the importance of understanding the scale of plastic pollution and climate change impacts on the polar regions and the broader implications this has on nature and humanity. Rapidly melting ice caps, caused by increasing global temperatures, have resulted in rising sea levels, threatening coastal communities worldwide. Furthermore, microplastics have been discovered in polar ice samples, indicating the far-reaching consequences of human-generated pollution. This project will provide participants with hands-on experience in studying these environmental challenges, enabling them to contribute valuable data to the scientific community and inform global conservation efforts.

The Clean Planet Peninsula project is actively seeking PhD research students and early career polar researchers who have projects or scientific studies that would benefit from participating in the various planned trips. Interested researchers are encouraged to submit their proposals for consideration, as this unique opportunity offers unparalleled access to the Arctic and Antarctic regions for conducting their vital research.

During the summer of 2023, the project will conduct its first polar training course in the UK, followed by further opportunities to train in real Arctic conditions in Scandinavia. Participants will then have the chance to plan and conduct their own remote research and science expeditions to both Greenland and the Antarctic Peninsula.

The training and expeditions are to be funded by the Clean Planet Foundation, led by Antony Jinman Ed.D and supported by the UK Polar Network. Applications open May 1st 2023 and the first batch closes on May 30th 2023, with later applications still accepted for future training and expeditions.

Antony Jinman Ed.D, polar explorer, expressed his enthusiasm for the project:

“This is an exciting opportunity to help share knowledge and develop fieldwork skills for young polar scientists, so that they can enrich their own experience and further career opportunities.”

Dr. Katerina Garayfalou from the Clean Planet Foundation also shared her thoughts:

"The Clean Planet Peninsula project represents a vital step towards empowering the next generation of polar scientists to tackle the urgent environmental challenges faced by our planet. By equipping these researchers with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to conduct effective fieldwork, we are not only investing in their future careers but also in the future of the polar regions and our global ecosystem."

Chloe Nunn, co-president of the UK polar Network, added

“The UK Polar Network’s mission is to support early career polar researchers and engage broad audiences on topics concerning polar science. This training opportunity helps achieve this mission and the Network is thrilled that following a hiatus on in person training during covid lockdowns, we are now able to offer this opportunity to our members, peers, and colleagues.”

Get Involved: You can read more information, view the launch videocast, and apply at


The Clean Planet Foundation (CPF) is a not-for-profit arm of the Clean Planet group. The mission is to educate and take action for the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions. CPF believes that everyone deserves better, and provides community funding, sponsorship, investments and initiate projects to mitigate the impact of the plastic and climate crisis across the UK and beyond. The Clean Planet Foundation works in conjunction with the group’s Energy and Technologies businesses which build propriety ecoPlant facilities to turn hard-to-recycle waste plastics into circular-products.

The UK Polar Network organises skill development workshops and education and outreach opportunities for early career polar research scientists. UKPN is committed to making the polar sciences a welcoming and inclusive place for all. They have over 400 members and form the UK National Committee of APECS International, which has over 5,500 members in 55 different countries.

Antony Jinman is a renowned polar explorer who has skied to both the Geographic North and South Poles, he was the 12th Brit to do so. He leads teams in challenging environments and runs the 'Education Through Expeditions' initiative promoting Polar education. Antony has an Honorary Doctorate in Education and gained Royal Patronage from HRH The Prince of Wales after an expedition for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


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