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The Clean Planet Economy


by midnight,

the world’s plastic factories will manufacture another 876,000 tonnes of new plastic material in a single day. Over 70% of this will become waste within a year.

The world is addicted to plastics, and does not have a solution to its waste.

So, what if there was an immediate solution to recycle almost all the plastic waste?

And what if that recycled waste could be responsible for reducing CO2e emissions by 75% for every barrel of fuel used in a fossil-fuel engine?

Welcome to Clean Planet Energy.

Today marks an important day for us as we launch not just a new website, but a new type of economy, the Clean Planet Economy.

We want our visitors to follow our journey of thinking too, which is why we've relaunched a new way to follow us.

Start with Let’s begin and follow the 3 chapters of Clean Planet Economy; Clean Planet, Clean Oceans & Clean Air. Explore our ecoPlants; these are much more than just a facility. Read about our Sustainability & our Partners. Find out who we are, what we believe in and what is our mission. But most importantly see how you can Get Involved!

Our mantra is that Everyone Deserves Better!

Welcome to Clean Planet Energy! Let’s begin….

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