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National Geographic article promotes key technology used in Clean Planet Energy's ecoPlants!

The key technology Clean Planet Energy is using to operate its ecoPlants has been featured as an advanced form of mixed-plastic recycling in a recent National Geographic article.

More than 9 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans each year, and without interventions, this number is expected to almost double to 17 million tons per year by 2025. - NatGeo, May 2019

Clean Planet Energy's (CPE) mission is to "Clean Oceans, Clean Air". The world is facing a catastrophic excess pollution & carbon problem, leading to the potential extinction of thousands of specials of life.

CPE are investing and launching ecoPlant's which can convert almost any plastic (including single-use and dirty plastic) into an Ultra-Clean Fuel (opens video).

In the last month, National Geographic have run a featured article about how humans can deal with the growing amount of plastic waste; it it starts with a stark warning:

Plastic production is expected to double in the next 20 years...Plastic recycling rates, meanwhile, hover around 30 percent in Europe, just nine percent in the U.S., and zero or close to it in much of the developing world.

After working through the various types of recycling methods in operation today, and the problems they have dealing with non-recyclable plastic, the article ends with a key focus on a 'more attractive technology' available today, Pyrolysis - this also happens to be the backbone of the CPE ecoPlant technology:

A more attractive technology right now is pyrolysis, in which plastics are shredded and melted at lower temperatures than gasification and in the presence of even less oxygen. The heat breaks plastic polymers down into smaller hydrocarbons, which can be refined to diesel fuel.

The article continues its focus on Pyrolysis, describing the scale of plastics-types the technology can recycle, its eco-friendly methods, and minimal CO2 output during production.

Clean Planet Energy are focussed on delivering state-of-the-art ecoPlants, enabling ecological methods to deal with the plastic pollution catastrophe facing us, the oceans and our wildlife.

You can read the full article here. You can read more about CPE's ecoPlants here.


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