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Importance of Insects - Documentary Series

Insect Week (#InsectWeek23) ran from 19-25th June 2023, and celebrated all things insect related, it was organised by the Royal Entomological Society.

To educate others on the critical role insects play in our environment, the Clean Planet Foundation commissioned a series of short documentaries exploring their importance.

Importance of Insects - a still from the short documentary series of an ant on a leaf

Nature is extraordinary,

however man-made habitat destruction, pesticide use and climate change has seen wildlife counts reduce by 82% in the last 30 years.

Insects play a pivotal role in the ecosystem, acting as pollinators for a large percentage of the world's flowering plants, which includes many fruits, vegetables, and nuts that humans depend on for food.

Additionally, insects serve as a crucial part of the food chain, providing a primary food source for many birds, fish, and mammals. They also contribute significantly to soil health and nutrient recycling by decomposing organic matter, thus maintaining the fertility and sustainability of our ecosystems.

To help educate on the Importance of Insects, Clean Planet Foundation commissioned a 5-part short documentary series. All scripts and footage were generated in-house by the Clean Planet Foundation team.

Importance of Insects - a still from the short documentary series of an insect looking into camera on a stalk.

Watch the whole series here, or visit the Foundation's mini-site:

Series 1. Ep00 - Trailer

It is the smallest creatures that play the most important roles in our ecosystem. Our waters, soil, food supply and even medicine all depend on their omnipresence. In this 5-part series we'll explore the Importance of Insects.

Series 1. Ep01 - Extraordinary

In our first Episode we explore the extraordinary world of the small, and the dangers which await us if we don't change our actions as a society, immediately.

Series 1. Ep02 - Food

A U.N. report states that 1 million species are under risk of extinction due to man-made actions, this video explores our impact on world and especially how our insects feed themselves.

Series 1. Ep03 - Bees

Without bees, this planet would be unrecognisable. In this episode we explore unseen footage of how Bees interact with the nature around us, and how they are pivotal for the 90% of food we eat.

Series 1. Ep04 - Circular

Human impact on the planet is having a devastating consequence on the relationship between organisms and their surroundings. The circular ecology of insects keep them thriving, and us thriving too!

Series 1. Ep05 - Ants

Ants live in a complex and highly organised society, where colonies work collectively and efficiently to build intricate nests, gather food, and defend their territories.

Series 1. Ep06 - Bonus

Our environment keeps us alive, and it is everything to us. But the actions taken by humans on an 'industrial scale' have began to impact our environment dramatically.

This bonus episode marks the Importance of Insects.

- You can learn more about the Clean Planet Foundation - here


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