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Clean Planet launch ongoing Engineering Internship Programme

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Clean Planet Energy have today announced a paid Internship Programme for those with a background in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, or who hold an understanding of engineering unit operations.

As an Engineering Intern with Clean Planet Energy, you will have an opportunity to work with a passionate team ready to equip you with the skills and hands-on expertise you may need to begin a successful career in process design and engineering. You will be part of a unique multidisciplinary team and be involved in a wide range of activities within an engineering project lifespan.

Clean Planet Energy (CPE) is a renewable and alternative energy company, converting non-recyclable plastic waste into ultra-clean commercial grade fuels with negligible sulphur and nitrous oxide content and low CO2 emissions.

In conjuncture with the Process Engineering team, you will have opportunities to gain unique hands-on experience in some of the following areas:

  • Coordination and organisation of project documentations

  • Interpretation and application of process data to respective design teams

  • Review of process, equipment and package specifications, basis of design documents, process flow diagrams, and process descriptions

  • Development of new engineering tools and improvement of existing tools

  • Feasibility studies, research and development

  • Process design, engineering calculations, simulation and optimisation.

Dr. Andrew Odjo, the Chief Technical Officer for Clean Planet Energy, is keen to see applications from all potential Internship candidates:

"In line with our Equal Opportunity stance, we believe it is not fair or equal to expect an Intern to work without pay. By doing do so this puts an unfair advantage over those who can afford to work for free, or has the spare time to work a second job. For this reason all Internships are paid the legal National Living Wage."

The opportunity is ongoing and suitable for candidates wishing to engage over a 3 - 12 month period, with CPE seeking to have 1-3 candidates enrols in the programme at any time.

Does this sound like you, or someone you know?


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