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Clean Planet joined by Shell, BCG, HSBC, HS2, De Beers and more to discuss future energy.

On February 25th audiences enjoyed a double-bill of CPE, as we hosted and participated in back-to-back sessions at the NextGen Energy Summit.

15:25 - Lessons From Other Industries

Join Clean Planet Energy's Commercial and Business Development Director, Dr. Katerina Garyfalou, as she presents insights from business leaders into effective strategies in people, culture, talent and diversity. What has worked? Where does the energy sector benchmark versus other industries? What has not worked and how can these lessons be applied to the energy sector? Hear from companies across the spectrum who have differing insights into people, culture, talent and diversity and are willing to share them with the industry.

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16:40 - The Energy Company of the Future?

Then at 16:00 join Clean Planet's CEO, Bertie Stephens, as part of a panel discussion on the Future of Energy. What does it look like? Will oil and gas majors make a successful transition from oil company to energy company? Hear from companies across the spectrum who are coming together as enablers to a carbon neutral future and how they see people within their plans and strategies. What type of energy company will attract the best of the next generation of energy talent?

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