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Clean Planet Energy joins forces with Andera Partners to build three new ecoPlants in France

  • Andera Partners’ team, Andera Infra, confirm their first partnership in circular fuel production, with their impact infrastructure fund “Andera Smart Infra”, dedicated to energy transition.

  • The joint venture with Clean Planet Energy initially aims to invest in three ecoPlants in France. The first ecoPlant to be live in mid-2023.

  • The announcement provides an innovative solution for French marine and aviation industries, using Clean Planet Energy’s proprietary technology to eliminate plastic waste while reducing CO2 emissions from the environment.

29th June 2021, London, UK & Paris, France: Clean Planet Energy (CPE) and Andera Partners have today announced they have agreed to enter into a joint venture partnership to develop multiple waste plastics to circular ultra-clean fuel ecoPlants across France.

With the world deep in both climate and plastic crises, CPE ecoPlants provide an innovative solution to capturing thousands of tonnes of non-recyclable waste plastics per year (which would otherwise enter incineration or landfill, or be exported and potentially end up in our oceans), and converting this toxic waste into ultra-clean fuels and commodities to support green transport and circular plastics.

According to the industry association PlasticEurope, in 2018, the recycling rate for plastics reached 32.5% across the European Union, but France sits well below this, at just 24.2%. In addition, recent circular economy laws in France seek to reach a 100% circular economy for plastics by 2025, but there’s a significant way still to go.

Andera Partners is a major player in private equity investments in France and internationally. Its teams manage over €2.8 billion in investments in life sciences, growth, and buyout capital, sponsorless transactions and now energy transition. The investment into Clean Planet’s operations across France marks Andera’s first investment into the clean fuel space..

“Supporting Clean Planet Energy’s deployment in France contributes to solving both mobility and plastic environmental issues,” comments Prune des Roches, a partner at Andera’s Smart Infra fund.


Clean Planet Energy are already in construction with ecoPlants in the UK, and this latest announcement seeks to grow their green footprint.

“Our partnership with Andera Partners supports our vision for clean oceans and clean air. Collaborating with a like-minded group such as Andera Partners enables Clean Planet to enhance the delivery of our mission of removing over one million tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste from our environment every year,” comments Bertie Stephens, Clean Planet Energy’s CEO.

“In France, we will be developing ecoPlants that each convert over 20,000 tonnes of plastic a year into ultra-clean circular fuels. Each barrel of fuel will prevent around 400 kg of CO2e emissions entering our atmosphere. Compared to fossil fuels, that’s over a 75% reduction. Together, these ultra-clean circular fuels will be used in industries within the marine, aviation, petrochemical and refining sectors, where green alternatives (such as electricity) simply do not exist. It’s an immediate solution to the climate catastrophe, powered by removing waste plastics from the land.”

In addition to clean fuels, a Clean Planet ecoPlant can also produce green naphtha, an essential feedstock for creating a circular economy in recycled plastics.

Work is already underway, with the aim to launch the first Clean Planet ecoPlant in mid-2023. Further information on each can be found at and

About Andera Partners

Created in 2001, Andera Partners is a major player in private company investments in France and internationally. Its teams manage over €2.8 billion in investments in life sciences (Andera Life Sciences), growth and buyout capital (Andera MidCap, Andera Expansion and Andera Croissance), sponsorless transactions (Andera Acto) and energy transition (Andera Infra).

Andera Partners’ mission is to work alongside companies and their managers to support them in achieving strong and sustainable growth. The quality of performance offered to our investors relies on a strong partnership between the entrepreneurs in our portfolio companies and our teams, based on shared values. Performance through collective engagement, the “Power of And”, constitutes Andera Partners’ DNA.

Based in Paris, with offices in Antwerp and Munich, Andera Partners is wholly owned by its teams, which count nearly 80 professionals, of which 52 investment professionals. It is structured as a partnership and managed by a board of 10 partners. Responsible and committed, the management company regularly forms partnerships with non-profit sector entities and takes concrete action in the fight against global warming. Andera Partners has been certified carbon neutral since 2018.


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