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Clean Planet brand refresh for a sustainable future

Plastic waste is a global crisis, and we're proud to be part of the #solution!

♻️ With multiple advanced plastic waste recycling facilities under construction worldwide, the development of cutting-edge proprietary sustainable technologies, and our continued support for environmental community projects across the UK, it's #BrandRefreshTime to reflect Clean Planet's expanded reach.

🏛️ In 2018, Clean Planet Energy was founded with a singular purpose: to create a #cleaner, more #sustainable world. Since then, we've welcomed major partners and clients: Fortress Investment Group, Andera Partners, Crossroads Real Estate, bp, Wood, KW Plastics and KW Plastics Recycling Division , RePower South, Stopford, and RiverRecycle (to name a few). Our team has also grown to include talent from 15 different nationalities, with offices in the UK and Texas.

The logos of Clean Planet Group (Energy, Technologies and Foundation)

🌍 As we embrace the next phase of our journey, we are thrilled to reintroduce ourselves as the ⚫ Clean Planet Group ⚫ Our commitment to #cleanair, #cleanoceans, and a #cleanplanet is unwavering. Through our group companies, we offer:

▶ 🟢 Clean Planet Energy (CPE) building #infrastructure to enable the sustainable use of plastics, and reduction of carbon emissions.

▶ 🔵 Clean Planet Technologies (CPT) developing new #technologies to expedite the sustainable use of plastics and reduction of carbon emissions.

▶ 🟣 Clean Planet Foundation (CPF), a not-for-profit, #educating and taking #action for the sustainable use of plastics and reduction of carbon emissions.

🎯 Our group divisions share the ambitious #mission of collectively removing over 1 million tonnes of hard-to-recycle plastic waste from our environment every year!

Just before you explore the new, here's something to show you just how big this plastic problem really is...


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