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Clean Our Planet - Finalists Announced

We asked over 40,000 families to show how the were helping slow the #PlasticCrisis and #ClimateCrisis, having their younger eco-warriors upload a video letting us know. You can watch 3 compilations of the entires here.  The main winners of the competition will become the voices of the Clean Our Planet animated series. 

We had the most incredible entries, and have selected these 15 wonderful individuals as our finalists (although it was an almost impossible choice choosing between all entires). 

We will now contact all the finalists and make sure that they are able to be selected as winners (release forms etc) and subsequently the 4 amazing winners will be announced at at the start of March 2020.  

If you do not feature here this does not diminish your amazing entry and we still have a few other prizes to dish out in February too. Please keep changing the world for the better, we all need all of you to keep doing the amazing work you've started! 

We'll announce more in February but for now, in no particular order, congratulations to the following below:


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