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(video) Our Circular Ecology

Our reliance on the bee can be likened to no-other. Their tireless efforts to seek nectar, not only feeds their own population, but also pollinates our crops.They provide the needed fertilisation to grow over 70% of the food we eat today.

Nature thrives on an environment where everything serves a purpose.

And this creates Our Circular Ecology. For example with ants. Did you know humans are not the only species to farm animals? No? Crazy Right! The symbiotic relationship between ant and aphid is one of natures great wonders.

However human impact on the planet is having a devastating consequences on the relationship between organisms and their surroundings. Habitat destruction, the climate crisis and plastic pollution has been responsible for the extinction of up to 200 species per day. The UN estimate this is 1,000x greater than the natural process.

And where one species vanishes, another struggles to eat.

Our latest episode in the #LetItThrive series takes a peak into Nature's Circular Ecology, a world where everything helps everything thrive.

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