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(video) Marvel at Bees for #WorldBeeDay

In the 3rd episode of our #LetItThrive campaign, we celebrate the life of a Bee. All footage was filmed on #WorldBeeDay which took place on Monday 20th May.

Without bees, this planet would be unrecognisable. In fact, a world without bees, would be a catastrophe for life as we know it. It's pivotal that we recognise this importance and all take actions to allow nature to thrive

In this episode we explore unseen footage of how Bees interact with the nature around us, and how they are pivotal for the 90% of food we eat.

Clean Planet Energy are working to remove plastic waste from our environment, and reduce the #ClimateCrisis by creating Ultra-Clean Fuel. This crisis in our climate is having a significant impact on Bees existence.

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