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(video) CPE celebrate Endangered Species Day

Today, Friday May 17th, is world #EndangeredSpeciesDay - a day to learn and understand the critical impact on nature & animals that humans are having on this planet.

A U.N. report states that 1 million species are under risk of extinction due to man-made actions (such as #ClimateChange). At Clean Planet Energy we are focussing on cutting carbon emissions in the world and removing waste-plastic from the environment.

However did you know right under your nose a certain plant is vital for our bio-diversity? Spend two minutes today learning about this unsung hero, and then learn more about how you can help at CPE's - Nature, #LetItGrow

p.s. - Similar to our #EarthDay video, the entire film was shot and edited in 24 hours (Thursday 16th May) on an #iPhoneX by Bertie Stephens (thanks!)

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