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Dr. Garyfalou leads panel on Leading Companies In The Energy Transition

We are very excited to announce that next week Clean Planet Energy’s Director of Commercial and Business Development, Dr. Kate Garyfalou, will be leading the Frontier ‘Energy 2050 Summit’ panel on the subject of ‘Leading Companies In The Energy Transition’.

The world is in a Carbon and Plastic crisis and it requires companies and governments to immediately address and provide solutions to tackle the issues.

Clean Planet’s mission is to to remove over 1 Million tonnes of

non-recyclable plastic waste from our environment, every year - converting this waste-plastic to an ultra-clean fuel. We are committed to continuously devising and implementing sustainable technology & solutions that will prevent toxic waste and emissions from damaging the earth’s environment and oceans.

Dr. Kate Garyfalou will lead the panel, discussing the steps key businesses are taking in tackling the problems we face as a planet.


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