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CPE launch official Insta Channel for #LetItThrive

Clean Planet Energy exists to help our planet have Clean Oceans and Clean Air. Our mission is to build ecoPlants around the world that will take non-recyclable waste plastic away from our environment, and turn it into Ultra-Clean fuel.

Each ecoPlant will have the ability of removing the equivalent of 2 million non-recyclable plastic bottles from the world, every day!

As we build our ecoPlants we're focussed on helping everyone understand that the #ClimateCrisis and #PollutionProblem cannot be solved alone, but everyone must make changes.

For this reason CPE launched their 'Nature, #LetItThrive' campaign, which is helping people around the world take small steps to help nature thrive. You can check out these steps and short videos right here.

We have an active Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account, but with Instagram being largely visual, we've often wondered how best to place our Insta vision for CPE.

Well today we've launched our @Let_It_Thrive Instagram, the first official CPE account, offering daily shots of nature doing its thing! Enjoy fun, never before seen footage, and help learn mini tips how you can help the world that lives around us! Enjoy! Below is our welcoming post & Follow Us Now

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