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55,000+ minutes of education (and counting...)

In March 2019 Clean Planet Energy began a mission of education. Our goal was to promote educational videos that helped people of all ages understand the importance of protecting the environment around us. The videos were based on 3 themes:

1. Clean Planet Energy's Vision - Videos which helped people understand the impact of the #PlasticCrisis and #CarbonCrisis, and how CPE is helping.

2. Nature, #LetItThrive - Videos which focussed on life at a macro level, showing people the wonder of life, and the importance of protecting insects, bees, 'bugs' etc, and allowing them to prosper.

3. Community Involvement - Videos such as our Clean Our Planet competition that help individuals get involved in helping our environment.

And in just 4 short months, we've had amazing results:

Yep that's right! In just a few months we've achieved almost 1,000 hours of video views across our network.

As every video averages 3 minutes long that's over 85,000 unique views already. That's 85k educational experiences already driven by Clean Planet Energy.

Here are our top 3 most popular videos to date:

1. Our Circular Ecology - #LetItThrive

2. How we Recycle Non Recyclable Plastic!

3. The Battle: Fossil Fuels vs Ultra-Clean Fuel

Why not view all our videos on our YouTube or Facebook page? We' can't wait to break 2,500 hours of educational experiences!

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