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H2 Grand Prix

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Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix

Hydrogen powered remote controlled car racing.

The H2GP PRO challenges students to design, engineer, construct and then eventually race 1:10 scale hydrogen-powered cars. During this process students learn advanced science and engineering skills in addition to picking up real-world problem-solving, teamwork and project management abilities. ​

Once built, the students race their cars in a global Grand Prix competition. 

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The Project

H2GP PRO allows students have the opportunity to construct, design and compete with their own fuel cell electric RC vehicles, using a personalized chassis. They are free to use any equipment available in their classroom, including 3D printing, CNC lathe, laser cutting, and vacuum forming, to create their unique chassis. The students then incorporate a hydrogen fuel cell into their RC car, resulting in a fuel cell electric vehicle. To store hydrogen for their vehicles, the students use Hydrostiks and recharge them by using a desktop electrolyzer to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water.

The Clean Planet Foundation are initially sponsoring the Prague British International School as they compete in the Czech National H2 Gran Prix in May 2023, and are in discussion to expand the relationship later in the year. 


The H2GP PRO program is a great opportunity for science experiments as it includes a curriculum that allows teachers to flexibly incorporate it into a class schedule. 

The students learn the chemistry of molecular structures, elemental compounds and renewable energy technologies while designing and building their own hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles!


In addition, by solely using materials they find in their surrounding environment, preferably recyclable, they will gain an appreciation for the importance of promoting renewable energy and contributing to a common sustainable future. 


CPF Sponsored Team 2023

Prague British International.png

Participating in the Czech championships in May 2023


The Grand Prix

Today Horizon Education have launched the H2GP in 20 different countries. Each country run their own national competition, concluding in a global winners GP. In 2023 the World Final are being held in the US. The events include:

  • Endurance – Team that completes the most laps.

  • Energy – The team with the most efficient car.

  • Design – The team with the best body and overall design.

  • Innovation – The team that used the most advanced modifications or innovative features.

  • Promo – Team with the best oral presentation.

  • Pit Stop – The most organized team.

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